The Center For School Study Councils: Our Mission

Superintendents Learning, Speaking Out, and Acting on Important Issues

From its inception in 1943, the Center for School Study Councils (CSSC) has worked to improve the quality of education in school districts across Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The CSSC serves as a catalyst for school district superintendents to take a pro-active leadership role and facilitates their professional development. Members of the Center for School Study Councils identify key issues which effect public education and engage in the following leadership activities:


Council members participate in workshops and seminars featuring nationally recognized experts. These workshops and seminars enable members to develop and share their knowledge and expertise.

Speaking Out

As educational leaders, superintendents create the context for public conversation about education. Developing position papers and op ed pieces in newspapers are two of the ways the Study Councils assist members in articulating issues and solutions.

Acting Together

The Center for School Study Councils provides a platform for its members to develop a support network for collaborative action. This platform includes sharing ideas and successful practices as well as developing ways to share resources and expertise. 

The Center accomplishes this mission through four series of monthly professional development workshops for school superintendents as well as through special projects developed in reponse to requests from affiliated school districts and Intermediate Units.

For more information, contact: 
Dr. Harris Sokoloff, Executive Director
Center for School Study Councils
University of Pennsylvania