Penn GSE's programs and faculty are organized into six academic divisions.

Education Policy

Michael A. Gottfried

The Education Policy division offers coursework and research training in the study of education, reform, and policy for individuals interested in careers in academic, governmental, and non-governmental research settings. Research training includes multiple methods of inquiry, covers all levels of education from pre-K through higher education, and addresses multiple levels of public interest, including local, state, national, and international.

Educational Linguistics

Nelson Flores

A pioneer in the field, the Educational Linguistics (ELX) division is home to one of the first educational linguistics programs in the world—and today is one of only two such programs in the Ivy League. The division has an international reputation of excellence for an interdisciplinary focus on language learning and teaching as well as the role of language in learning and teaching.

Higher Education

Matthew Hartley

The Higher Education Division provides students with a broad understanding of higher education and successful practices of campus management.

Literacy, Culture, and International Education

Sigal Ben-Porath

Programs in the Literacy, Culture, and International Education Division take seriously the notion that education is a deeply social, cultural, political, and moral activity. While emphasizing different aspects or manifestations of education, each program provides a critical and inter-disciplinary framework for understanding educational processes and engaging in educational practice.

Teaching, Learning, and Leadership

Susan A. Yoon

Preparing teachers, educational leaders, and researchers, our Teaching, Learning, and Leadership Division programs address practice-based and theoretical problems in schools and community settings related to teaching and learning, learning sciences and technologies, curriculum, informal learning, and educational leadership.