Our Executive Education programs offer students the opportunity to take the next step in their careers as educational leaders.



We offer a unique collection of executive-style degree programs designed for working professionals and other nontraditional students. These career-focused programs feature convenient scheduling, customized course offerings, and research projects that are directly tied to students’ professional lives.

Our Exec Ed programs are cohort-based, which allows students to develop diverse and collaborative learning communities as they move through a program together. Our Exec Ed students are known for developing professional partnerships – and personal friendships – that last far beyond graduation.


Degree Programs


Executive Program in Education Entrepreneurship (M.S.Ed.)
More about this Program The M.S.Ed. in Education Entrepreneurship is an accelerated four-semester program, built to provide working professionals with the skills and experiences necessary to conceptualize, develop, and manage effective 21st-century innovations in education. Designed at the intersection of education, business, and entrepreneurship, graduates of this unique program leave with the tools necessary to chart entrepreneurial solutions in education, including creating new schools or other education ventures in the for-profit and non-profit sectors.

Executive Program in School and Mental Health Counseling (M.S.Ed., Licensure)
More about this Program The M.S.Ed. Executive Program in School and Mental Health Counseling is designed for working professionals embarking on careers as either school or mental health counselors. The program is organized around three distinct emphases: School Counseling Certification, Mental Health Counseling Licensure, and School and Mental Health Counseling Certification plus Licensure.

Executive Doctorate in Higher Education Management (Ed.D.)
More about this Program The Executive Doctorate trains an emerging generation of top higher education leaders – from campuses, government, and affiliated organizations – to manage resources strategically, leverage evidence-based decision-making, create entrepreneurial opportunities, challenge practices critically, and conquer the dynamics of complex organizations.

School Leadership Program (M.S.Ed., Principal Certification)
More about this Program Penn GSE’s School Leadership Program prepares students to take a leadership role in facing the challenges and opportunities confronting the nation’s schools. Drawn from across the educational spectrum – public, independent, and charter schools – our students aspire to no less than being part of shaping the future of K-12 education. You’ll find our alumni in a wide range of leadership roles, serving as principals and school heads, chief academic officers and deans, senior administrators, and academic leaders.

PennCLO (Chief Learning Officer Program) (Ed.D.)
More about this ProgramThis executive doctoral program is designed to prepare the Chief Learning Officer (CLO) and other senior-level executives for success as learning and talent development leaders. The program provides a rigorous academic environment where members build the skills necessary to ensure successful learning initiatives that will align with the organization’s strategy.

Med Ed (Medical Education Program) (M.S.Ed)
More about this ProgramThe Med Ed program is a unique collaboration between physician educators and education experts coming together to provide a comprehensive, innovative curriculum designed specifically for physicians and other health care professionals. A partnership between Penn’s Perelman School of Medicine and Graduate School of Education, the program offers leaders in medical education the opportunity to receive either masters or certificate-level training in the delivery of innovative, evidence-based education, educational scholarship, and educational technologies.

Mid-Career Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership (Ed.D.)
More about this ProgramThe Mid-Career Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership offers a significant departure from most other doctoral programs in educational leadership. Our program addresses the ongoing transformation of public and private educational organizations from a leadership perspective, focusing on the four core areas of educational leadership: instructional, organizational, public, and evidenced-based.

Independent School Teaching Residency
More about this ProgramThe Independent School Teaching Residency enables aspiring and early career teachers to receive a master’s degree in education while completing teaching fellowships at host partner schools. With an innovative and comprehensive curriculum designed specifically for the boarding or day schools’ unique settings, ISTR features intensive on-site sessions in combination with innovative and collaborative distance learning.

Urban Teaching Residency Program (M.S.Ed., Certification)
More about this ProgramThe Urban Teaching Residency Master’s & Certification Program is open to Teach For America corps members and educators working in schools who wish to pursue a Master of Science in Education (M.S.Ed.). Students may choose certifications in elementary, middle year, or secondary grades, content area specializations, and an additional special education certification. The program began as a partnership of Penn GSE, the Pennsylvania Department of Education, and the Teach for America Greater Philadelphia Region. In the 2017 expansion, the Urban Teaching Residency Program opens to support working educators beyond the TFA program.


Executive Education

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Executive Program in Education Entrepreneurship

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Executive Program in School and Mental Health Counseling

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Executive Doctorate in Higher Education Management (Ed.D.)

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School Leadership Program



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Med Ed

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Mid-Career Doctorate in Educational Leadership

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Urban Teaching Residency Program

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