GSE Students Organize "Big Think" Conference on Innovation @ Penn

March 29, 2013 - GSE doctoral students Mustafa Abdul-Jabbar and Cat McManus organized the "Big Think" conference, the March 30 event that brought together faculty, administrators and students from across the University to think about and discuss how new ideas take shape and are nurtured at Penn. How are ideas cross-pollinated at this lively, entrepreneurial university and what resources can we share with one another to facilitate moving ideas into action? Guided by the expertise from innovators across the University, participants explored what Penn is doing and considered where we might be going.

Speakers and presenters included Dr. Sarah Rottenberg of Design, Dr. Jeff Babin of Engineering, Dr. Nancy Hanrahan of Nursing, Chris Lehman, Principal of Philadelphia's Science Leadership Academy and other eminent thinkers, makers, and drivers of ideas.