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Penn GSE scholars and students work in a wide range of fields in Philadelphia and around the globe. Our scholarship brings research into practice in cross-disciplinary ways that stretch across our academic programs.

Teaching & Learning

A teacher offers a student a book

Penn GSE researchers are discovering how students learn, and putting that knowledge into practice in preparing the next generation of teachers.

Race, Equity & Inclusion

Penn GSE has long been committed to preparing its students to live, work, and lead in a world marked by sweeping demographic change and interconnectedness. Our students, faculty, and staff come from diverse backgrounds, and the diversity of the school is intentionally fostered by Penn GSE’s policies and practices

Philadelphia Impact

A boy raises his hand in a kindergarten class.

Penn GSE is deeply committed to the City of Philadelphia through both research and practice. Our students, faculty, and staff are involved in hundreds of initiatives throughout the Greater Philadelphia Area, ranging from high-quality after-school programs to research that sparks national conversations to the development of an acclaimed public school partnership with the School District of Philadelphia.


Panel of speakers

Penn GSE prepares leaders to take charge of schools and universities, launch educational companies, oversee state and federal agencies, and create better educational opportunities for all students.

Language, Literacy & Culture

A child in the Bangladeshi after school program Moder Patshala sits at a table, drawing a graphic novel page, while Anne Pomerantz kneels next to her

Language, literacy, and culture are central to learning. Our award-winning faculty are renowned for their expertise on bilingual and cross-cultural education, cultural and linguistic diversity,  young adult and children's literature and multimedia, and reading and writing in both formal and informal settings.  

Higher Education

Joni Finney teaches a class.

Higher Education is rapidly changing. Penn GSE is leading the conversation about expanding access, affordability, and opportunity.

Global Initiatives

A teacher works with a student in Ghana.

Penn GSE brings together students, faculty, and educators working on six continents to improve learning at all stages of life.

Education Policy & Analysis

University of Pennsylvania College Hall

Education Policy has long been a strength at Penn GSE – since the mid 1990s, we have ranked in the top 10 education policy programs in US News & World Report. Our award-winning faculty are nationally renowned for their expertise, research, and impact on education issues and policies.

Education Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Participants in the Milken-Penn GSE Education Business Plan Competition

Penn GSE is a pioneer in innovation and entrepreneurship in education. We are passionate about developing new approaches to address pressing problems in education and to shape the future of education across preK–12, higher education, and learning for working professionals.

Counseling & Psychology

Marsha Richardson works with children.

Education goes far beyond the traditional classroom. Penn GSE experts are showing how factors like race, trauma, and poverty can impact a child's learning and development.