Ben-Porath: Symbolic resolutions by school boards help preserve positive learning environments

February 21, 2018

Dr. Sigal Ben-Porath

As more local school boards around the country pass largely symbolic resolutions on issues beyond their control like immigration policy, are they representing the voters who elected them or overstepping their bounds? In most cases, Penn GSE's Sigal Ben-Porath recently told The Washington Post, these boards are acting in their duty "to preserve positive learning environments."

“These are statements that can easily be interpreted as political, but they are actually an effort, in my view, to carve out the school as a neutral space where students can be accepted as who they are,” Ben-Porath told the Post.

“It’s an effort to say, ‘We don’t make immigration policy. We don’t make our own sexual harassment policies, but we’re looking for a way to express our commitment to inclusion, equity.’”

Read the full Post story here.


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