Experts look to Fantuzzo's work to understand Philly schools amid leadership change

January 9, 2018

For years, Penn GSE’s John Fantuzzo and his research team have been leveraging big data systems to paint a more holistic picture of the challenges facing Philadelphia’s schoolchildren. In addition to looking at school demographics, Fantuzzo’s team cross-referenced city data on students’ homelessness, lead exposure, low birth weight and more.  

As Philadelphia awaits the appointment of the local school board that will succeed the dissolved School Reform Commission, Fantuzzo's research is providing necessary groundwork for experts – and the citizens of Philadelphia – trying to understand the city's schools. 

John W. Fantuzzo, Penn GSE
Dr. John Fantuzzo

In a recent open letter to Philadelphians, esteemed researcher David Berliner used Fantuzzo's work to explain why it's important to look beyond test scores when evaluating the city's schools. 

Read the full letter in the Washington Post: