Finney: Unaffordable colleges hurting Pennsylvania’s economy

February 1, 2017

Appearing on WITF, Finney discussed the state’s poor ranking in her College Affordability Diagnosis.

Joni Finney

Pennsylvania’s economy will suffer if the state doesn’t change its approach to college affordability, Penn GSE’s Joni Finney told WITF’s Smart Talk.

“Sixty-three percent of the jobs in PA between now and 2025 will require some kind of education and training beyond high school. Pennsylvania is nowhere near meeting that need,” Finney said. “This is at the same time we’re seeing baby boomers — the most educated generation — exit the workforce.”

Appearing with Sara Goldrick-Rab, of Temple University, Finney discussed Pennsylvania’s spot near the bottom of the state rankings in her College Affordability Diagnosis.

If the state doesn’t do a better job of getting high school graduates into college, and also reach out to adults without post-secondary education, Finney said it will fall behind in the global knowledge economy. 

“It will hurt individuals and it will hurt the state as a whole,” Finney said.

Listen to the full interview here.


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