GSE’s Susan Yoon Makes Her Mark in Global Learning Sciences Network

February 5, 2014 - Penn GSE is one of 24 inaugural schools around the world to be represented in a global initiative to foster high-quality Learning Sciences programs, the Network for Academic Programs in the Learning Sciences (NAPLeS). Created in 2012, NAPLeS is part of the educational mission of the International Society of the Learning Sciences, a leading professional society for academics, professionals, and students seeking the advance the sciences and practices of learning. 

Dr. Susan Yoon, Associate Professor in the Teaching, Learning, and Leadership Division (TLL), has been a seminal contributor to NAPLeS activities. The organizing team continues to build activities that will help students and faculty understand where core expertise is located across the world and give them access to representative Learning Sciences syllabi. The team will also support visiting scholarship at both faculty and student levels to strengthen and grow the Learning Sciences community. 

Within NAPLeS, 60 scholars with specific expertise have been selected to run a webinar series on seminal and emerging research in the Learning Sciences. Dr. Yasmin Kafai, Professor of Learning Sciences and Chair of TLL, highlighted her expertise in games research, and Dr. Yoon recently made a presentation on research into augmented reality with Dr. Eric Klopfer from MIT.

The webinars are meant to be distributed and used for instruction on the state of the art of Learning Sciences research. Nearly two dozen webinars are already posted at