PBS’s NewsHour features Penn GSE’s Richard Ingersoll

July 24, 2015

Education Policy professor Richard Ingersoll’s work around the teaching workforce is the gold standard in education in research nationally. He’s featured in a recent PBS NewsHour story examining the state of the teaching workforce, and the career outlooks for recent teacher education graduates. Ingersoll adds insights about the rising percentage of female teachers in the classroom, efforts to recruit and retain minority teachers, and why 40 percent of teachers leave the field in the first five years.

“The biggest set of reasons has to do with the quality and the caliber of the job,” Ingersoll said. “It’s the amount of support, the amount of student discipline and behavioral problems in the building, how much say teachers have in the decisions in the building that affect their job. Do they have input and voice?”

See the NewsHour piece.


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