Penn GSE’s Dr. Susan Yoon brings app inventor to Philadelphia schools

May 11, 2017

Penn GSE Associate Professor Susan Yoon wants science to empower students—both to develop the skills their futures will require and to live as engaged citizens.

“Science content and processes are not just academic things,” she says. “I want students to be able to take what they learn and apply it in the world to do good and effect change.”

Penn GSE students Jooeun Shim (left) and Noora Noushad (right), along with Associate Professor Susan Yoon (second from left), ask Penn Alexander students to describe what kind of social and scientific impact their mobile app can have. Photo by Daniel Burke Photography

Through a variety of research projects, Dr. Yoon has developed tools, curricula, and teacher training to bring science to life for students in ways that improve learning and incorporate twenty-first-century skills.

In her latest project, she is developing a way to teach science and computer programming, or “coding,” simultaneously. Supported by the Gregory and EJ Milken Foundation, the Lori and Mark Fife Foundation, Penn’s University Research Foundation, and the National Science Foundation, the project could meet a need felt by schools across the country.

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