Penn GSE teaching alum selected for Stanford fellowship started by Pam Grossman

July 8, 2016

Before joining the University of Pennsylvania as the Dean of the Graduate School of Education in January 2015, Pam Grossman, jumpstarted Stanford University’s Hollyhock Fellowship program. The renowned program is designed to keep talented, early-career high school educators working in underserved schools from leaving the field.

Grossman told the Philadelphia Inquirer she is delighted to learn that four teachers from Philadelphia’s Northeast High School were selected as Hollyhock fellows. The four will be the first Pennsylvania educators to take part in the program, which includes two weeks of training at Stanford with 100 other educators.

“I was so excited to hear there’s a team from Philadelphia,” Grossman told the Inquirer. “It’s certainly a competitive program, and to have these teachers is a testament to them and an honor.”

Throughout her career, Grossman has focused on teacher education and development. She believes supporting early-career educators is crucial to keeping the teachers with the most potential in the classroom. 

Jeremy Cress, 25, a Northeast math teacher and a Penn GSE Teacher Education Program alum, is one of the new Hollyhock fellows.

Cress told the Inquirer that a “big part of the program is team-building.” After Cress and his teammates complete the initial training session at Stanford, and return to Northeast, they will use the skills they learned through the program to motivate each other and empower other Northeast staff.

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