Pioneering change: How Penn GSE alumni combat climate crisis

March 5, 2024
Taylor Hausburg and Zachary Herrmann at the UN.

Taylor Hausburg and Zachary Herrmann at the UN.

Penn GSE alumni are actively engaged in a multifaceted battle against climate change, employing their education to drive programs across various sectors. These changemakers are demonstrating the power of interdisciplinary approaches and the critical role of education in addressing environmental challenges.

Their initiatives range from producing engaging multimedia content that promotes behavior change to advancing financial strategies that support energy efficiency and clean energy in underserved communities.

In the educational sphere, these alumni are revolutionizing the way people approach environmental education. Through innovative curriculum development and hands-on teaching methods, as well as programs focused on climate justice, they are equipping a broader audience with the tools and knowledge necessary to actively participate in combating the climate crisis.

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