Sharon Ravitch discusses international development at Africa-America Institute symposium

January 23, 2015

There’s a real danger when doing international development work of well-meaning organizations reinforcing a harmful deficit narrative.

That was a key message Penn GSE Senior Lecturer Sharon Ravitch delivered in her presentation to the Africa-America Institute’s symposium “The Future of African Leadership — Assembling Leadership Development on the Continent.” The event was held at Penn GSE in December.

Ravitch is the principal investigator for Penn GSE’s Digital Seeds, a research-based initiative that collaborates with local stakeholders to improve education in coffee-producing communities in Nicaragua through holistic teacher support and technology integration.

In her work, Ravitch told the assembly according to AAI’s website, programs have benefited when they leverage the wisdom and experiences of local people in designing and refining solutions to system issues. 

You can read more about Ravitch’s work and AAI here.


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