What should Starbucks' racial bias training look like?

April 23, 2018

On May 29, Starbucks will close all its stores to train employees in recognizing racial bias after their CEO apologized to two black men who were arrested in a Philadelphia store while waiting to meet a friend.

Howard C. Stevenson, Penn GSE
Dr. Howard Stevenson
What should those trainings look like? The Philadelphia Inquirer recently asked Howard Stevenson, a clinical psychologist who directs Penn GSE's Racial Empowerment Collaborative.

For one thing, Stevenson told the Inquirer, Starbucks shouldn't expect a one-day training session to solve the problem.

They should also encourage people to tell their stories of when they were discriminated against.

“It gets emotional sometimes. Some people will remember stories that they had forgotten,” Stevenson told the Inquirer.

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