Zimmerman honored for advocating for open expression

May 29, 2019

The Heterodox Academy has given Penn GSE education historian Jonathan Zimmerman its 2019 Open Inquiry Leadership Award.

Jonathan Zimmerman, Penn GSE
Dr. Jonathan Zimmerman

Zimmerman, a founding member of the Heterodox Academy, has worked to bring students and faculty with differing political viewpoints together. His recent book Campus Politics: What Everyone Needs to Know, explores free speech issues at American colleges.

In giving Zimmerman the award, the academy said: “Throughout his career he has defended colleagues who have come under attack – whether by external forces, students or administrators – irrespective of their politics. In the classroom, he asks his students tough and provocative questions, and expects them to become historically and scientifically literate about the issues in order to answer those questions with sufficient depth, nuance and clarity.” 

Read more about Zimmerman’s award here.


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