Alexandra Bird, '19

Education Policy and Public Administration (Dual Degree), M.S.Ed.

Psychology and Russian Studies, B.A. Bucknell University

I am pursuing a dual graduate degree at the University of Pennsylvania in Education Policy and Public Administration. After graduating from Bucknell University in 2013, I taught elementary school for two years in rural Louisiana as a Teach For America corps member. At the end of my two-year commitment, I went on to work in the Office of Talent at the School District of Philadelphia, where I managed the recruitment and selection of Elementary teachers (K-6). Broadly, I’m interested in K-12 education policy and reform, particularly in the context of exploring systems and structures that preserve and sustain inequity and I am continually seeking ways to deepen my understanding of the educational landscape in Philadelphia.  After graduation, I plan to work in a policy, strategy, or consulting role in the Philadelphia region.


Posts by Alexandra Bird, '19

As finals season approaches, many first-year (or in my case, second-year) students at GSE are still trying to figure out the ideal study spots on campus, the ones where they can crank out fifteen-pagers and study for statistics exams like nobody’s business. In my three semesters at Penn, I’ve cultivated a solid rotation of options (though I’m always looking for that next best spot). Below, I’...

As an undergraduate, I always thought I’d go to graduate school -- I just didn’t know when, or for what. As college graduation approached, I didn’t have a clear idea about what kind of degree I wanted, likely because I was still unclear about what career I wanted to pursue. Though I’d entered college planning on becoming a clinical psychologist, I was leaving with the feeling that I wasn’t...