Michelle Desjardins

Urban Teaching Apprenticeship Program (UTAP), M.S.Ed.

English & Communication, B.A. University of Pittsburgh

My name is Michelle Desjardins and I am a student in the Urban Teaching Apprenticeship Program (UTAP). Currently I am pursuing certification in Secondary English Education. I am from the great state of New Jersey but for the past four years I have lived across the state of PA in Pittsburgh for my undergraduate studies. Surprisingly I am slowly becoming Philadelphia’s new biggest fan -- I love all the food, city-wide events, and the cultural diversity. You should check out my blog if you want to get a better idea of my day-to-day as a UTAP student or learn about GSE’s awesome faculty!


Posts by Michelle Desjardins

Below is a letter to the eager, enthusiastic, and ambitious person I was before I started the UTAP program at Penn GSE. 

            You have so many questions. You are wondering if this school, city, and step is the right choice. You want to jump in now and you spend your hours in June dreaming of what your life as a graduate student will be like (you should...