Rachel O'Connell '20

Higher Education, M.S.Ed.

English Literature, B.A. Stony Brook University

My name is Rachel O’Connell and I’m coming to you from Hudson Valley, New York! After graduating from Stony Brook University in 2018, I worked in the development office at a private secondary institution, working on historical research. I loved the concept of alumni and student engagement and really wanted to take my skill-set to the domain of higher education. My passion is with international programming and student services. Along with being a full-time Master’s student in Penn GSE’s Higher Education Administration program; I am the Graduate Program Coordinator at Penn’s College Achievement Program. I love to spend my time exploring Pennsylvania’s incredible hiking spots, attending poetry readings in the city, and destressing with some good old Netflix binges.

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So, here’s my silly confession: quantitative data terrifies me.

I always thought that if I kept my mouth shut and avoided anything maths related,I would be able to get by without too much pain. I’d fallen into a nasty habit of depending on what I do well, and totally circumventing what I wasn’t all that good at. However, my academic interests leaned so intensely on economic development...