Scott Kominkiewicz '20

Statistics, Measurement, Assessment, and Research Technology (SMART), M.S.Ed.

History and Sociology, B.A. Lafayette College

Hi y’all! Before coming to GSE, I have had the pleasure of working in many facets of education. After graduating from Lafayette College with a BA in History and Sociology, I taught English in Japanese public schools through the JET Program. Upon my return to the United States, I worked in admissions office at Princeton University as an application evaluator, and then became an admissions counselor at Vanderbilt University the following summer. Through my time at Vanderbilt, I realized how important data could be to making decisions, and wanted to study it further. Penn was unique in that it offered Statistics, Measurement, Assessment, and Research Technology (SMART) which gives students a deep dive into statistical analysis in an educational context. This fall, I enrolled full time, and have learned so much from faculty and my classmates. Currently I live in Philadelphia with my wife and baby son. When I am not studying, I am training for my next marathon.

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Philly really is a city of surprises. Before moving here, I knew Philadelphia as the birthplace of our nation as well as a city full of passionate sports fans. Don’t get me wrong, those things are there (and the passion for sports is contagious), but there’s so much more.

 First off, I identify as a casual vegan. I am concerned with the effects animal farming has on the environment, but...