Being a full-time student, it makes it a little more difficult to spend your free time getting to know the city instead of sleeping and binge-watching Netflix. Nevertheless, you have to make time for what matters in graduate school, and sometimes that means prioritizing happy hour and karaoke night.

In the beginning of the semester, one of the ladies in my cohort introduced us to Howl at the Moon, a super fun bar in Center City. If you “win” (I put it in quotes because it is not that hard to do) a happy hour, you and your friends get 2 -$1 tickets for anything at the bar! Also, the cover band playing every weekend is crazy talented and puts on a great show! The first night we went, it was a 90s-theme night, and it definitely made us want to keep going back! The cover band will play just about any song you want, and if you stay long enough, you may even get free tickets from people who have not yet used their own! Additionally, Howl at the Moon is located near a few other fun bars.

My other fun Philly find, and probably my favorite, is definitely Dahlak. By day, it is an Ethiopian restaurant and by ~Tuesday~night, it is a rad karaoke bar. Located on Baltimore and 47th, the front end of the restaurant is dedicated to karaoke, and the back is the bar, where you can get just about any drink for $2! Even my fiancé, who often refuses a beer and any hard liquor, enjoyed their gin and tonics. Plus, nothing like a crowd cheering you on when your singing your childhood anthem “Complicated” by Avril Lavigne, or “Home” by Edward Sharpe with some of your coolest classmates.

From the beautiful museums, to the awesome eats, to the gorgeous scenery, Philly has soooo much to offer. But it is the memories you make with your friends that make your favorite spots everything they are.