This post is in no way intended to be written as an expert of all things Philly, but I wanted to list out my favorite finds in this great city as someone almost two months in. Since I have limited experience, I only have two categories: Places & Food.


Penn’s Landing: This is a biased fave because when me and my husband first visited a little over a year ago, Penn’s Landing was the place we went during our first night. It’s something that happens during the summer, on their river walk. They set-up food trucks and drink booths. There’s usually a featured concert series too!

Race Pier: This is kind of a cheater one because it’s right near Penn’s Landing but you’ll miss it if you’re not paying attention. It’s a pier right off the river. It’s a really simple walk way right by the bridge to Jersey and really beautiful at night.

Ocean City: This is also a cheater because it’s not in Philly. But if you bring your car or catch the train, you can be there in about 50 minutes! Ocean City, NJ has a beach and doc area with lots of foods and a nice $1 store. It’s a great change up from the city and very relaxing.



Jake’s Sandwich Shop: So disclaimer, I don’t eat beef or pork, so I have not had a Philly Cheesesteak. My husband has tried a variety, but I am not a fan of describing unlived experiences, so I will not mention his. However, I am a chicken cheesesteak connoisseur and so far Jake’s has been the best one I had so far.

Moriarty’s: Because I don’t eat beef or pork, I’m always in the mood for a good chicken wing. Moriarty’s gives you a whole plate of whole wings in their signature sauce. Best I’ve had in Philly so far!

Relish: Would this really be a thread without soul food?! Relish is the best place I’ve been to so far in Philly hands down! I had the fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, greens, and most importantly their sweet sweet warm and fluffy corn bread. It was a great experience! They also have live music, excellent vibe!!

White Dog Café: Lastly, there has to be a brunch spot. A lot of people like Sabrina’s Café and rightfully so because it’s really good. However, White Dog Café gets the edge because it offers bottomless mimosas. You’re also not restricted to a mimosa, you can switch in between a white or red sangria, or screwdriver. If you sit at the bar it’s also 10% off. Food is also really good which bring the full experience all together, I had a good chicken omelet and a turkey club (w/o bacon) and both were really good. It’s also on campus.

I have yet to have a bad food experience yet. If you’re a foodie, Philly may be the place for you, I have yet to be disappointed!