Here you are. After all that deliberation, back and forth, upside down/inside out decision making you’re here. How? You’re not really sure, but you are. Congratulations.

As you embark on this little thing you call “The Dream” make sure you don’t lose your vision. That little seventh grade version of yourself who had this little idea to help people one day, don’t lose her. She would be proud of who you became, even though most of the things you did to get here she wouldn’t understand. Remarkably, however, with all the bumps and bruises you’re still on the exact path you set out for day one of your high school career.

Along with your vision, don’t lose your love for the things you do. Remember that you’re still you, and that nothing (not even dressing business casual on occasion) can take you away from you. Remember that you’re still so young, a kid to a lot of the people you’ll meet in the coming years, and accept that you’re a kid, but a kid with this giant vision.

Also, never forget that drive and the people who helped you get to where you are today. Never forget that time you almost decided to take that year off, but ultimately didn’t because you couldn’t wait to get out there and do what you’ve always wanted. Don’t forget that never-ending support your loved ones gave you, even the loved ones that faded into friendships and the one’s that faded into the clouds.

Lastly, make the most of every moment you spend in this amazing school. Wake up every morning with a purpose. Whether you take it into the classroom, your practicum, or the community, bring a purpose. The nights you just want to shut your textbook and throw that highlighter across the room; turn the page. When that thought crosses your mind in the classroom; raise your hand and share it. You never know where a few more words will take you.

A Scarlet Knight