Balancing school and a graduate assistantship has certainly been a unique challenge, but a very worthwhile experience. On top of attending about 10 hours of class each week along with studying outside the classroom, the graduate assistantship is a 20 hour per week paid position designed to provide GSE students with a professional work opportunity during the school year. For me, working in Penn GSE's Office of Admission and Financial Aid has allowed me to see firsthand how Higher Education Administrators operate. Pairing our classroom discussions with an actual opportunity to collaborate and learn from professional in the field is very enlightening. Just make sure to keep track of your readings!

Additionally, as a Graduate Assistant in the Penn GSE Office of Admissions and Financial Aid, I was fortunate enough to participate in the Idealist Washington D.C. Graduate School Fair and the NYC Graduate School Fair sponsored by Penn GSE. It was the first time I had ever traveled on the road as a representative of the school and I loved every second.We met hundreds of people interested in talking about not only our programs and continuing their education at Penn, but also sharing their own personal experiences and some of the amazing work they currently do. Hearing those stories and seeing the excitement was truly uplifting and reminded me of what makes Penn such a special place. Can't wait for the next event!