I moved to Philadelphia a month before school started and I had visited twice since being admitted so, needless to say, I was really excited about moving to Philadelphia! I moved from Durham, NC where I did my undergrad at Duke and then taught for four years. Born and raised in Los Angeles, you would think I would have no problem adjusting to living in a big city again, but LA, Durham, and Philly are all very different styles of living. In Los Angeles and Durham, you drive everywhere because public transportation, while existent, is not very reliable, especially in Durham. However, no matter where you were headed in Durham, you can get there in 15 minutes, tops. As you may know, Los Angeles traffic is a whole other story. While driving is an option in Philadelphia, it’s not the only option. I have my car, and while my car insurance has more than doubled, I do appreciate being able to drive around the outskirts of the city. BUT be careful when parking in Center City. Your bumper may get hit OR you will get a ticket if let your time expire. Neither of these things have happened because I’ve been extremely paranoid and vigilant, ha.