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Unlocking the Resilience Code: Emotional Intelligence and Burnout Immunity

March 11, 2024

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  • Dr. Kandi J. Wiens, Senior Fellow

In this episode of the Penn Chief Learning Officer: the Practitioner-Scholar podcast, host Melissa Monti talks with Dr. Kandi Wiens, a senior fellow at the University of Pennsylvania and author of the new book, Burnout Immunity.

Wiens, a graduate of the Penn CLO program, shares her experiences juggling work, school, and family life, leading to a life-threatening wake-up call due to stress. Discussing her research on burnout, emotional intelligence, and organizational resilience, Wiens explores key strategies for combating stress. She also touches on her upcoming book, which offers a practical framework (ARMOR: Awareness, Regulation, Meaningful connections, Outlook and Recover, reconnect and reimagine) for building resilience and immunity to burnout. Wiens further discusses her experiences in the CLO program and how it transformed her career, encouraging potential students to balance their work schedule and trust faculty members.

Highlighting the importance of defining one’s "having it all" based on personal values, Wiens believes robust psychological wellbeing, physical health, and strong family relationships form the essence of her success.