2023-2024 Academic Year

Select a Program

Select a program below to view the program's tuition and fees for the current 2023-2024 academic year. All tuition and fees are subject to the approval of the Trustees and the University of Pennsylvania and are subject to change without notice. Tuition and fees typically increase up to 4% annually. New rates usually go into effect every summer. The Pennbook contains required disclosures regarding Tuition and Financial Aid. 

The schedule below shows the standard enrollment schedule for your program. Students in traditional, non-executive programs are invoiced per course unit for semester charges according to this schedule. For personalized guidance on course progression aligned with your goals, consult your academic advisor.

  • edent-ms | Education Entrepreneurship M.S.Ed.
  • ep-ms | Education Policy M.S.Ed.
  • ecs-ms | Education, Culture, and Society M.S.Ed.
  • elx-edd | Educational Linguistics Ed.D.
  • esl-spec | ESL Specialist – Certification
  • hem-edd | Executive Doctorate in Higher Education Management Ed.D.
  • GHEM-ms | Global Higher Education Management M.S.Ed. (Online)
  • hed-edd | Higher Education Ed.D.
  • hed-ms | Higher Education M.S.Ed.
  • icc-ms | Intercultural Communication M.S.Ed.
  • ishd-ms | Interdisciplinary Studies in Human Development M.S.Ed.
  • iedp-ms | International Educational Development M.S.Ed.
  • LAO-ms | Learning Analytics M.S.Ed. (Online)
  • lst-ms | Learning Sciences and Technologies M.S.Ed.
  • rwl-edd | Literacy Studies Ed.D.
  • rwl-ms | Literacy Studies M.S.Ed.
  • meded-ms | Medical Education M.S.Ed.
  • midcareer-edd | Mid-Career Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership Ed.D.
  • pennclo-edd | Penn Chief Learning Officer Ed.D.
  • phd-all | Ph.D. - All
  • pc-mphil | Professional Counseling, M.Phil.Ed.
  • qm-mphil | Quantitative Methods M.Phil.Ed.
  • rwl-cert-exclude | Reading Specialist Certification-Only
  • smhc-ms | School and Mental Health Counseling M.S.Ed.
  • slp-cert | School Leadership - Principal Certification Only
  • slp-ms | School Leadership M.S.Ed.
  • smart-ms | Statistics, Measurement, Assessment, and Research Technology M.S.Ed.
  • tesol-ms | Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) M.S.Ed.
  • tll-ms | Teaching, Learning, and Leadership M.S.Ed.
  • tlte-edd | Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education Ed.D.
  • utr-ms | Urban Education (Online) M.S.Ed.
  • utap-ms | Urban Teaching Apprenticeship M.S.Ed.
  • utr-ms-cert | Urban Teaching Residency M.S.Ed. with Certification(s)