Education Alumni Award Honorees

William B. Castetter Alumni Award of Merit

This award recognizes an outstanding graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education for significant service to Penn GSE. Service to the school may include serving as volunteer alumni leader with Penn GSE, the Penn Alumni Board, Penn Regional Clubs, or other leadership opportunities with the University of Pennsylvania. The recipient should have a longstanding relationship with the School and exemplify volunteer leadership.

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  • 2021, Jeffrey Berger, GR’91
  • 2020, Marsha H. Comegno, GED’98, GRD’04
  • 2018, Julie D. Filizetti, GRD’03
  • 2017, Diane R. Waff, C’76, GRD’07
  • 2016, Julian A. McNeil, GED’09, WEV’11
  • 2015, Michael F. Malone, GED’97
  • 2013, Lionel A. Anderson Perez, C’04, GED’07
  • 2009, Jennifer Michelle Johnson, GED’08
  • 2007, Matthew Vincent O'Malley, GED’95
  • 2005, Joan Myerson Shrager, ED’60
  • 2004, Holden T. Waterman, GRD’85
  • 2003, Barbara Russo Bravo, CW’68, GED’69
  • 2002, Cecelia Gartrell Evans, GED’76, GRD’85
  • 1998, Jerry A. Caponigro, ED’41, GED’42
  • 1997, Amy Silverstein Sichel, GED’76, GR’81
  • 1994, Evelyn G. Marcantonio, ED’46, GED’46
  • 1993, G. M. Davis, GRD’83
  • 1991, Ellen Linky, GRD’84
  • 1987, Rosemary D. Mazzatenta, ED’53, GED’56
  • 1986, Timothy A. Daniels, GRD’74
  • 1985, Ida Gartrell Peterson, GRD’83