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Penn GSE welcomes Otis Hackney as Philadelphia’s Chief Education Officer

Otis Hackney, Philadelphia’s new Chief Education Officer, is reimagining ways to forge connections in the city’s education community.

Sharon Wolf receives 3-year Jacobs Fellowship to extend early childhood research in rural Ghana and Ivory Coast

 [[image|left|faculty=5799|caption=Dr. Sharon Wolf]]Developmental psychologist Sharon Wolf, an assistant professor in the Human Development and Quantitative Methods Division at Penn GSE, was recently selected as one of 11 Jacobs Foundation Research Fellows for 2018–2020.

Penn GSE alums lead Philly students on exploration of mass incarceration in the US

In 2017, James Elish, a teacher at the Science Leadership Academy @ Beeber, took his political economics class to see research projects by students from West Philadelphia's Workshop School on mass incarceration in America. 

Catalyst boot camp introduces entrepreneurs to the business of education

The eyes of more than 50 education entrepreneurs followed Rita Ferrandino as she led them through the rolling waves of a chart representing the business calendar used by American schools and universities.

If you can master this cycle, Ferrandino told the entrepreneurs, your concept could break through and change how children learn. If you can't, your concept will be another good idea that failed to reach students, because it failed as a business.

Empowered by new media, young student activists demand more gun control in new ways

After the tragic shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, high school students across the country walked out of classrooms to protest and demand stricter laws on gun control as a part of the Never Again movement. As students step into the gun control debate at state capitols, online, and in the media, many political and business leaders have speculated that these students could force policy changes.

[[image|right|faculty=5556|caption=Dr. Jonathan Zimmerman]]

In a TEDMED talk, Stevenson says 'We need a racial literacy to decode the politics of racial threat in America'

Racial stress is more than a feeling. It's a threat to physical health.

At the latest TEDMED conference, Penn GSE's Howard Stevenson explained how "centuries of racial discrimination, dehumanization, and illness" come to threaten the lives of people of color. Stevenson, a clinical psychologist and director of the Racial Empowerment Collaborative, offered a path forward built on racial literacy.

Ben-Porath: Symbolic resolutions by school boards help preserve positive learning environments

[[image|left|caption=Dr. Sigal Ben-Porath|width=350|src=]]

Penn Futures Project announces new leadership

When the Penn Futures Project (PFP) began, the deans of Penn's Graduate School of Education, School of Nursing, and School of Social Policy and Practice wanted to work together to collaboratively address pressing social issues that affect Philadelphia’s most vulnerable young people and their families. 

Does this program work? Ask Wendy Chan

Digging into the research methods of educational studies can be akin to looking under the hood of a car: most people see a lot of complex machinery without grasping how it all actually works. At least with cars, we can take them for a test drive. But with research, it’s not so straightforward.

How do educators and policy makers—and, for that matters, researchers themselves—know they can trust the findings generated by the tools and techniques of education research?

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