Creating opportunities across campus

Aileen Tschiderer

Learning Sciences and Technologies M.S.Ed., 2017

Before Penn GSE: Career planning in higher education

After Penn GSE: Program Services Coordinator at Harvard Business School Online

"After my one year at Penn GSE, I was prepared to work at the cutting edge of learning."

My acceptance into the Learning Sciences and Technology program was an invitation to explore everything Penn and Philadelphia had to offer. After my one year at Penn GSE, I was prepared to work at the cutting edge of learning.

My program coursework forced me to think about many aspects of education I hadn’t previously considered. A class on K-12 assessments made me question the ways we often measure learning, and how the structure of assessments can influence the results. I saw the often-overlooked role the design of a learning environment can play in guiding a student’s experience.

Lessons on education entrepreneurship helped me understand the intersection of business and education, and what meaningful innovation requires.

If you are willing to take advantage of them, Penn GSE offers seemingly endless opportunities. Once one of my professors learned of my interest in online education, she helped arrange an internship with the Perelman School of Medicine’s online learning team. That experience further prepared me for my current position which includes working on both synchronous and asynchronous online courses for Harvard Business School Online.