Aimée Perera, '19

International Educational Development, M.S.Ed.

Immunology - Biological Sciences, B.S. University of Dundee, Scotland, U.K.

I have lived most of my life in Scotland in the United Kingdom. I attained my undergraduate degree at the University of Dundee and attained a BS. in Immunology, Biology. During my undergraduate, I was able to undertake many volunteering experiences and opportunities to learn more about the field of education. These experiences spurred my interest to pursue teaching. I have been teaching for the last few years as an EFL teacher. I taught in China for the British Council and more recently I taught English in Spain. Inspired by the experiences I had abroad I developed an interest in educational equity and access to education. I’m currently undertaking a Master’s degree in International Educational Development. In my spare time, I love experiencing the cultural events on campus as well as explore Philly with my friends and cohort members.


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As we know the pressures of grad school are immense, and sometimes it can feel like we are sinking. So here are a few top tips that I have picked up during my time here at Penn for not just surviving, but also thriving at Penn.


 1. Stay full and caffeinated

Make use of the many free food opportunities...

Grad school offers many exciting experiences and opportunities, but with this, there can also be many pressures and struggles. These struggles come in many forms, whether it is assignments, the uncertainty of the future, or your next rent or tuition payment.

These pressures can often lead to many of us feeling down, alone and struggling with our mental health.  This is why focusing on...