Alexandria Persaud, '19

Education, Culture, and Society, M.S.Ed.

Mechanical Engineering, B.S. Boston University

Hello! My name is Alex and I'm from Norfolk, Virginia. I completed my bachelors degree at Boston University where I studied Mechanical Engineering and now I'm a student at Penn in the Education, Culture, and Society (ECS) master's program. Weird transition, right? I chose Penn because I wanted to combine my passion for STEM and my passion for education and I knew that the ECS program would allow me that flexibility. Fun fact: I'm actually the youngest person in my cohort at Penn because I chose to transition straight from my undergraduate program to a graduate program! When I'm not working I love to go to baseball games (Go Sox!) or just explore whatever city I'm in. I've spent over ten years playing the violin, so the symphony also has a very special place in my heart. Here is where I'm going to be talking about my experiences at Penn, my transition from engineering to education, and my findings in Philadelphia!


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I am one of the youngest people in my cohort because I decided to begin my graduate school journey immediately after finishing my undergraduate degree. I got my bachelor’s degree at Boston University, where I fell deeply in love with the city of Boston; therefore, when applying to graduate programs, I knew that I wanted to continue to live in a big city. I had never been to Philadelphia before...

My favorite part of exploring a new city is touring the coffee shops! I truly believe that a local coffee shop can tell you a lot about a city or area. Plus, I love trying new coffees and finding new places to study!

The first coffee shop I explored was ReAnimator Coffee Roasters on 47th and Pine St. Before I even walked in, I knew that it had a good vibe, which was reinforced by the...