My favorite part of exploring a new city is touring the coffee shops! I truly believe that a local coffee shop can tell you a lot about a city or area. Plus, I love trying new coffees and finding new places to study!

The first coffee shop I explored was ReAnimator Coffee Roasters on 47th and Pine St. Before I even walked in, I knew that it had a good vibe, which was reinforced by the people sitting at the tables outside, chatting and laughing with each other.

When you walk in, it’s clear that the coffee shop is fairly small, but that does not stop people from coming inside and staying for a while. The first time I went to this coffee shop, it was filled to the brim with people, but felt more cozy than crowded. The entire front wall is a giant window, allowing the sun to illuminate the entire shop. I was lucky enough to snag a stool at the counter at the window, providing me with a prime people-watching spot. Once I secured my seat, I decided to grab a cold brew coffee (which was delicious) and get settled in.

There were people of all ages enjoying their time at ReAnimator Coffee. There were families, and there were elderly, there were college students working on projects and working adults taking a well-deserved coffee break.

Something that continually shocks me, but I am eternally grateful for is how kind Philadelphians are. Being in that jam-packed coffee shop, I expected people to be grumpy and impatient, but everyone, including the staff, was incredibly kind and the music selection was lovely. (note: if you don’t like upbeat music playing while working, be sure to bring some headphones!)

I had a lot of work to do so I stayed close to closing time, so the cafe had cleared out significantly and the sun was setting, which you could see perfectly through the giant window in the front of the shop. If you’re looking for a space to meet someone for a group project or a place to take an old friend to and catch up, then this is the space! It’s great for quiet studying if you arrive in their “off” hours, but if you need a little chatter, like me, then this is the place for you, anytime.