I am so glad that I listened to all the former students that told me to take History of American School Reform with Dr. Jon Zimmerman. One, how cool is that last name? Two, do you know the history of public education in the United States and the reforms taking place since Antebellum? Yeah, I didn’t either. But, I wasn’t the only one that heard that Dr. Zimmerman was a cool professor. Day 1 –that classroom was FULL of people registered and others on the waiting list. (Note: Don’t register late!) Unlike other lecturers, Zimmerman is very animated, easy to follow, and passionate. Dr. Zimmerman focuses on the ways that different peoples have imagined and debated education across time and space. In class, he pushes us to think about the purpose of education and schooling and how those purposes have changed over time. 

Furthermore, he pushes your thought. And that’s what I’ve appreciated the most. I came to Penn GSE with strong ideas about what education is and what it should be. Zimmerman will push you to think about the alternate perspective that will both help shape your defense for your perspective. Dr. Zimmerman states that his goal is to help us grow as future leaders in the field of education and I certainly feel challenged in his class.