My job search began right after the winter break in January. Because I am in a one year master’s program, the turnaround for job searching is pretty quick. As it would add to unnecessary stress in the transition to being a full time graduate student, our cohort in the Higher Education Division was advised not to begin the search in the fall semester as most opportunities would become available in the spring. My situation, however, is a bit different, because I am attending The Placement Exchange in Los Angeles this March. This event is a job interviewing/networking event where employers from various institutions are meeting candidates at one site, making it easier for them to meet with many different institutions in one day.

As for getting support from the career center, Amy Benedict, our Director for Career and Professional Development is truly outstanding! Her energetic personality and passion for helping students “achieve their dreams” (this is an actual quote from Amy) is very helpful when going through the career searching process, which could be extremely overwhelming especially for students coming right from an undergraduate to a graduate degree program. In addition to one-on-one office meetings, there are workshops available with multiple career topics, including the networking one I attended recently. These are helpful, but also allow you to meet and network with other students in GSE who are not in your program. I am very pleased with the support provided by the career center in GSE and I am looking forward to my next great opportunity following graduation in May thanks to their support along the way!