Paul Augello, '19

Higher Education, M.S.Ed.

Earth and Environmental Sciences, B.S. Furman University

Hi everyone! My name is Paul Augello. Born and raised, Long Island, NY, is the place I call home. However, after graduating high school, I decided to head down south to Greenville, SC where I attended Furman University and received my Bachelor's Degree. I am currently a full time student in the Higher Education M.S.Ed program. In addition to being a full time student and Admissions Ambassador for GSE, I am the Graduate Coordinator for Residential Programs and Graduate Associate in Gregory College House. My favorite thing to do in Philadelphia so far has been riding my bike along the Schuylkill River trail. I also love to travel and talk about my adventures throughout Europe!


Posts by Paul Augello, '19

My job search began right after the winter break in January. Because I am in a one year master’s program, the turnaround for job searching is pretty quick. As it would add to unnecessary stress in the transition to being a full time graduate student, our cohort in the Higher Education Division was advised not to begin the search in the fall semester as most opportunities would become available...