At Penn GSE, we know that education means a world of opportunity.

Across the country and around the world, education offers the promise of knowledge, skills, growth, and something more—a vital path forward for individuals and societies.

Penn GSE is at the forefront of expanding education’s reach and boosting its effectiveness. We increase the quality of education and educators, bringing opportunity to a broad range of learners and communities to help improve the world.

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Education in Times of Change: Penn GSE Provides Leadership and Partnership for an Unprecedented Era

Amid the worst pandemic in a century and perhaps the largest civil rights movement in U.S. history, the field of education is operating in a dramatic and unprecedented environment.


  • "Nothing is more important in our lives than education. It makes everything else possible."

    Amy Gutmann

    President, University of Pennsylvania

  • "Penn GSE is producing the educators and leaders who will address the greatest challenges facing education today."

    David N. Roberts, W’84

    Chair, Penn GSE Board of Overseers

  • "Education is vast, and so is the scope of Penn GSE’s leadership. It would be hard for me to support the School’s work in education entrepreneurship without also supporting Penn GSE faculty, who continue to reveal through research how learning can be improved, and Penn GSE students, who go on to educate and shape the field."

    Gregory A. Milken, C’95

    Member, Penn GSE Board of Overseers

  • "Penn GSE is a very worthwhile institution that has made a difference for a lot of children through wonderful teachers and administrators. My continued involvement with the School is about supporting teachers and administrators in making the lives of children better."

    Michael G. Kirsch, C’68, GED’72, GRD’74

    Member, Penn GSE Benchmark Society

  • "The importance of education could not be more clear to me. As the daughter of educators and as a parent, I know education is the foundation of a civil society. It is how we produce citizens who are prepared to lead and to succeed in the jobs of the future. Penn GSE is a best-in-class institution whose graduates will truly take education forward."

    Lisa Green Hall, W’87

    Member, Penn GSE Board of Overseers

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1,000,000+More than one million learners impacted by the Penn GSE community each year

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