Teachers, entrepreneurs, presidents, and more.

Graduates of Penn GSE belong to a rich heritage of educators and thought leaders. Even though our more than 17,000 graduates live and work across the globe, members of our diverse alumni network share extraordinary lifelong connections with faculty, staff, and fellow alumni from GSE and the larger Penn alumni community.

Learn about the accomplishments of our alumni and the opportunities available to our graduates. Or, you can contact the Penn GSE Office of Development and Alumni Relations: (215) 573-6623 or alumni@gse.upenn.edu.

Strength in Numbers

By the Numbers

17,000+ 17,000+ members of the Education Alumni Association
95 Alumni living in 95 countries, all 50 states, and the District of Columbia
2,100+2,100+ attended GSE in an executive format program
37%37% graduated in the last 10 years
Panelists engaged in a discussion on Zoom

Panel Addresses the Future of Higher Education

What can institutions do to help students make informed choices about higher education? How can we make sense of skepticism surrounding cost, value, and return on investment? Four members of the Penn GSE community at the forefront of these changes spoke at a recent Penn Alumni panel event.

The Education Alumni Association

A Network at Your Fingertips

All graduates are members of the Penn GSE Education Alumni Association (EAA), which provides opportunities for continued advancement, professional growth, networking, and sharing of expertise with the next generation of education leaders.

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