Institutional Priorities

Having an extraordinary impact means investing in extraordinary people, programs, and partnerships. At Penn GSE, we know what it takes to effect real change through education. Our students, faculty, and groundbreaking offerings are deeply dedicated to strengthening education and expanding its reach.

"Penn GSE’s responsibility to and engagement in Philadelphia, the birthplace of democracy, is profound. We have always understood that education is the issue that needs to be addressed to ensure Philadelphia—and indeed any other city—a viable, successful place in the global economy."

—Pam Grossman, Dean

Student Aid

Creating the next generation of leaders in education is our most important goal, and financial aid and fellowships are needed to realize it. Each year, we offer talented and dedicated students the opportunity to realize their dream of a Penn GSE education. In order to maintain this excellence among our students—and to ensure that they reflect the broad diversity needed in education—we must build a financial foundation for student aid, fellowships and assistantships that matches, if not exceeds, that of our peer schools of education and our peers within Penn. Help us create the next generation of change-makers.

Programs & Partnerships

Penn GSE defines forward-looking programs and collaborations. Never standing still, we respond to the needs of society and the needs of students with program innovation and creativity. Penn GSE is ripe with potent ideas and programs with great capacity for impact. Our entrepreneurial offerings make it possible for practicing professionals and educators to advance their careers and implement the latest theories and practices throughout the world. We anticipate and we define the leading edge. Just a few of the promising programs and projects that can increase their impact exponentially with term and endowed funding include teacher education, community partnerships, and international educational development.

Faculty Support

Our faculty are the heart of Penn GSE. They generate knowledge that they then put to work for others. They create and run our cutting-edge programs. They are our voice on the national and international stage. Their talents attract the best students who in turn can do the best work and achieve the most impact after graduating. Penn GSE has always been forward-thinking and first in many things; today it needs the resources to attract and retain the scholars and mentors who are the finest in the field, and to support them with endowed professorships, general faculty aid, program support, and research support. Faculty support enables GSE to make strategic hires in new areas needed in the twenty-first century, such as data analytics and online learning.