“Inside Higher Ed” covers Sade Bonilla’s study linking mental health and student success at community colleges

April 11, 2024

A study spearheaded by Sade Bonilla of the University of Pennsylvania and Veronica Minaya of Columbia University focuses on the challenges facing first-time, low-income community college students, particularly at Hispanic-serving institutions. This research, conducted on 277 students and published by the Community College Research Center, probes into how mental health, alongside academic and financial factors, affects students’ persistence and credit accumulation in their first academic year. Inside Higher Ed recently covered the working paper.

The findings reveal a stark reality: mental health issues stand as the most significant barrier to academic progression, with a direct negative impact on students’ ability to persist and succeed in their courses.

Bonilla and her colleague advocate for enhanced mental health resources and support services on community college campuses. They suggest that bolstering engagement with campus resources and fostering a supportive environment can positively influence students’ academic journies.

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