November 14, 2016

Penn GSE faculty share expertise at AERA Knowledge Forum

At the 2016 American Educational Research Association annual conference, Vivian Gadsden, Richard Ingersoll, Laura Perna, and Howard Stevenson were four of 32 scholars sharing research in the Ed-Talk format. Here are their Ed-Talks: 

More than half of young children in the US (ages 0-8) face numerous risks that can significantly undermine their educational success and wellbeing. Vivian Gadsden shares her insights on how better access to and use of data and other resources can help families, teachers, and administrators overcome some of these risks.

Ed-Talk: Improving the Lives of Young Children and Their Families.


Low teacher retention rates have compelled states and the federal government to implement initiatives in hopes of controlling unsustainable hemorrhaging. Richard Ingersoll discusses the high teacher turnover problem and explains the reasons why teachers leave their jobs and what we can do about it.

Ed-Talk: Is There Really a Teacher Shortage?

Structural failings in the United States educational system have created barriers that restrict many students from having the opportunity to pursue a postsecondary education. Laura Perna shares her views on how policies and practices come together to improve college access and success.

Ed-Talk: Improving College Access and Success.

Racial literacy and racial socialization is important in coping with and resolving racially stressful encounters. Howard Stevenson shares his thoughts on reducing racial stress and threats.

Ed-Talk: Reducing Racial Threat.