Mengxi Jiang, '20

Intercultural Communication, M.S.Ed.

Early Childhood Education, B.S. University of Delaware

Hi everyone! My name is Mengxi and I am a Masters student in the Intercultural Communication program in the educational linguistic division here at Penn GSE! I am from Chongqing, China. I came to the United States when I was fourteen years old. I started my US journey in New York City, studied there for a year and then went to a boarding high school in Maryland. I just graduated from the University of Delaware with Early Childhood Education degree in May 2017. I love traveling during vacations and have been to many beautiful places around the world such as Thailand, Vietnam, South Africa, and Dubai. I enjoy making friends from all over the world and love learning about their different cultures and languages. I look forward to learning more about Penn and Philadelphia. 


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To be honest, I was not an event person when I was in college. I did not attend many events at all because I was not interested in socializing with others. However, this has changed a lot since I came to GSE. I am surprised that there are so many events at GSE and there is always something to do everyday. I will be focusing on two of my favorite events in this blog.  

The first event...

I am taking three classes this semester and working two part jobs that add up to 20 hours per week in total. It may seem very busy with jobs and school life but it is definitely manageable and I truly enjoy my current schedule. I am going to describe a typical Tuesday which is the busiest day for me of the week to show you a clearer image of what is like to be a graduate student at Penn.