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Teaching beyond September 11

The history of the September 11 attacks is important. But Penn GSE’s Ameena Ghaffar-Kucher says we should show students how 9/11 has shaped our world.

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An illustration of five people, including two holding up camera phones, looking at the viewer. They hold a sign that reads "Justice."
To help children prepare to start school, Katie Barghaus and Casey Henderson from the Penn Child Research Center’s Conquering Kindergarten initiative offer some tips.
For Parents
A teacher tutors a student.
Penn GSE’s Caroline Watts shares what educators can do to take care of themselves with less time to recharge this summer.
A sign with a heart over a pride flag hangs in the window of a house.
Follow your child's lead. Be ready to do some work on your own.
For Parents
Opened rainbow patterned umbrellas displayed hanging over a street.
Culturally competent educators set the tone for positive learning environments, which creates space for all people, regardless of how they identify .