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Taking a minute for your mental health

One in four American adults — and one in five children — experiences mental health problems. Black Americans are diagnosed at lower levels, but research suggests the numbers don’t tell the full story. Black families are more likely to have issues accessing care, or finding the type of mental healthcare that meets their needs.

Dr. Riana "Ri" Elyse Anderson and Dr. Shawn "CT" Jones from Penn GSE’s Racial Empowerment Collaborative created “Our Mental Health Minute.” The biweekly web series that takes an offbeat and accessible look at mental health, underpinned by research. The goal? To help viewers, particularly within the Black community, recognize issues in themselves and others, and offer strategies for living their best lives. 

They’ve talked about the signs of depression, what a therapy session looks like, and what to do with the "stress pizza" that is your life.
This month, Ri and CT are talking race and the impact it can have on mental health.



Still very much a thing, and, yet still misunderstood.

Our Mental Health Minute Session 6: Racism

Racial identity

Racial identity deals with beliefs, feelings, and behaviors related to being a particular race. But that identity is fluid, and part of the developmental process.

Our Mental Health Minute Session 7: Racial Identity

Racial socialization of youth

How many of us have been tongue-tied when our children ask us about the racialized world around us? Racial socialization tips, strategies, and research are explored here.

Our Mental Health Minute Session 8: Racial Socialization