Penn GSE Career Paths

Promoting Intercultural Understanding

Hitomi Yoshida, GED’95

Hitomi Yoshida, GED’95, broadens the student experience through intercultural programming at the Penn Museum.

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Using Data to Guide Policies

Irma Perez-Johnson, GR’08

Learn why Irma Perez-Johnson, GR’08, thinks data-driven decision-making is the future of education.

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From Reporting to Report Cards: Lindsey Gerdes, GED’15, Transitions to Teaching ALUMNI

Lindsey Gerdes, GED’15

Lindsey Gerdes, GED’15, speaks about her journey from advice columnist to first grade teacher.

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Thinking Outside of the Box to Find Solutions

Nicholas Ashburn, GED’12

Nicholas Ashburn, GED’12, is executing high-impact global initiatives from Penn’s campus.

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Practice with purpose: The life of a Professional Counseling student

Jasmine Jenkins, GED’14, GED’15

Jasmine Jenkins, GED’14, GED’15, found her calling in professional counseling.

Jasmine Jenkins, GED’14, GED’15

Bringing Home the Lessons of the Holocaust

Jesse Nickelson, GRD’11

Jesse Nickelson, GRD’11, believes it is his mission, as an educator and museum administrator, to cultivate civic engagement and leadership in students.

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Building Skills While Living Abroad

Sarah Horns, GED’11, and Khaing Zah Lynn, GED’12

Sarah Horns, GED’11, and Khaing Zah Lynn, GED’12, speak about how their GSE skills and knowledge allowed them to make a global impact on education.

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Educational Opportunity through Technology

David Soo, GR’11

David Soo, GR’11, believes technology is key to increasing access to education.

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Keeping Costs Down through Community Colleges

Peter Jordan, GRD’08

Peter Jordan, GRD’08, president of Tarrant County College, believes in the strong academic foundation community colleges can provide students and the general public.

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Empowering Urban College Students

Michael Sorrell, GRD’15

In 2009, Paul Quinn College was in danger of losing its accreditation. When Michael Sorrell, GRD’15, became president, he enacted a series of audacious initiatives that effected change, empowerment, and enrollment.

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