Penn GSE Career Paths

Opening higher education to more students

Andrew Moe

Higher Education Ed.D., 2018

A launching pad for success

Demetri Morgan

Higher Education Ph.D., 2016

Demetri Morgan

A springboard to doctoral studies

Jessica Fry

Higher Education M.S.Ed., 2016

Jessica Fry

A first-generation student solves problems

Wendy Castillo

Education Policy Ph.D., 2018

Wendy Castillo, Education Policy, Ph.D., 2018

From a lawyer to an education advocate

Tomea A. Sippio-Smith

Education Policy M.S.Ed., 2016

Preparing as a scholar and a teacher

Tom Szczesny

Education Leadership Ed.D., 2016

Learning to lead education innovation

Andrew Schantz

Education Entrepreneurship M.S.Ed., 2016

Andrew Schantz

Establishing myself as a scholar

ArCasia James

Education, Culture, and Society M.S.Ed., 2016

Prepared for a Ph.D. program

Bhanu Priya Moturu

Counseling and Mental Health Services M.S.Ed., 2017

An introduction to life-changing work

Holly Link

Educational Linguistics Ph.D., 2016

Holly Link