Penn GSE Career Paths

Student support for a mid-career transition

Cathy May Moyer

Interdisciplinary Studies in Human Development M.S. Ed., 2017

I chose the ISHD program at Penn GSE because of the interdisciplinary approach, the outstanding faculty, and the diverse, supportive environment in which I could begin to explore a new career path that would help me answer those questions.

Discovering a passion through research opportunities

Amanda Haber

Interdisciplinary Studies in Human Development M.S.Ed., 2018

Through the opportunities I had at Penn GSE, I was not only able to critically think about child development from different perspectives, but I also had the opportunity to grow as a researcher, student, and mentor.

An interdisciplinary approach

Qi Chen

Interdisciplinary Studies in Human Development M.S.Ed., 2019

When I looked at the program of study and the curriculum offered by Penn GSE, I felt it was a great match for me, especially the concept of interdisciplinary approaches that incorporate insights, knowledge, and information from other field and majors.

Finding balance between theory and the real world

Megan Stutesman

Interdisciplinary Studies in Human Development M.S.Ed., 2019

Hands on research in mental health

Daphney Gaston

Interdisciplinary Studies in Human Development M.S.Ed., 2019

My time as a graduate student allowed me to conduct research with ISHD professors and researchers at Penn Center for Mental Health. Through these hands-on experiences, I was able to envision myself doing research in human development full time.

Bridging the Digital Divide Through Counseling

Angela Cleveland, GED’01

Penn GSE alumna Angela Cleveland, GED’01, is helping school counselors broaden student participation in computer science. We spoke with her to learn more about her journey and her dedication to bridging the digital divide.

Angela Cleveland, GED’01

Bringing the Penn Literacy Network to China and Western Canada

Shuai (Michelle) Shen, GED’08

Shuai (Michelle) Shen, GED’08, is an educational consultant based in Vancouver, Canada. We sat down with her to discuss how her work for the Penn Literacy Network (PLN) at Penn GSE is bringing practical, evidence-based professional development to teachers in China and beyond.

Shuai (Michelle) Shen, GED’08

Aligning Learning with Business Priorities

Robert “Bob” Demare, GRD’14

Back in 2004, learning leader Robert “Bob” Demare, GRD’14, was in the Czech Republic running his newly estab­lished employee coaching company when he says he caught a lucky break. Courier company DHL was consolidating its Euro­pean information technology operations and opening new headquarters in his backyard of Prague.

Robert “Bob” Demare, GRD’14

Using the Arts to Strengthen Learning

Sharareh Bajracharya, GR’05

For Sharareh Bajracharya, GR’05, bringing the arts into public schools in Nepal is about more than pretty pic­tures. Srijanalaya, the nongovernmental organization she chairs and cofounded in Kathmandu, uses art to empower students in underfunded and rural schools.

Sharareh Bajracharya, GR’05