Penn GSE Career Paths

Applied Learning Theory in Silicon Valley

Candice Reimers

Chief Learning Officer Executive Doctorate Ed.D., 2015

Candice Reimers

Learning to be a research scientist

Emma Anderson

Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education Ph.D., 2017

Discovering a passion for democratic schools

Paul McCormick

Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education Ed.D., 2017

Prepared to work on a national stage

Colin Angevine

Teaching, Learning, and Leadership M.S.Ed., 2017

Becoming an educational leader

Kate Sylvester

School Leadership M.S.Ed., 2014

Kate Sylvester, Penn GSE School Leadership, M.S.Ed., 2014

Reshaping research by crossing disciplines

T. Philip Nichols

Reading/Writing/Literacy Ph.D., 2018

Reshaping how literacy is taught

Alicia Heffner

Reading/Writing/Literacy M.S.Ed., 2017

Preparing to found a school

Michael Gomez

Mid-Career Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership Ed.D., 2012

Michael Gomez

Earning a degree on a clinician’s schedule

Sean P. Harbison, MD

Medical Education M.S.Ed., 2018

Sean P. Harbison, MD

Creating opportunities across campus

Aileen Tschiderer

Learning Sciences and Technologies M.S.Ed., 2017