Penn GSE Career Paths

Measuring education disparity

Anna Rhoad-Drogalis

Quantitative Methods Ph.D., 2016

Understanding culture through language

Kia Marie Lor

Intercultural Communication M.S.Ed., 2016

Kia Marie Lor

Balancing a full-time job and teaching residency

Alicia Montague-Keels

Urban Teaching Residency Program M.S.Ed., 2016

Alicia Montague-Keels

Bringing social justice to the classroom

Kristian Ogungbemi

Urban Teaching Apprenticeship Program M.S.Ed., 2018

From my earliest days at Penn GSE, I knew I was going to learn more than how to build a lesson plan. Our first classes introduced us to the neighborhoods where we would do our student teaching and the people who lived there. The message was clear: I wasn’t just here to deliver content. To be successful, I had to connect with students in the school and the community.

Kristian Ogungbemi

Supporting children as students and people

Xavier Brown

School and Mental Health Counseling M.S.Ed., 2017

An internship changed my career

Araya Baker

Professional Counseling M.Phil.Ed, 2016

Araya Baker, Penn GSE Alum

A transformational challenge

Lloyd M. Talley

Education, Culture, and Society M.S.Ed., 2014

Lloyd Talley portrait

Learning from diverse perspectives

Kaleb Germinaro

Interdisciplinary Studies in Human Development M.S.Ed., 2018

Applied Learning Theory in Silicon Valley

Candice Reimers

Chief Learning Officer Executive Doctorate Ed.D., 2015

Candice Reimers

Learning to be a research scientist

Emma Anderson

Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education Ph.D., 2017