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Penn GSE welcomes news of how our alumni are educating, leading, and innovating to shape the future of education. We hope you will draw inspiration from the stories we’ve shared on Penn GSE social media and take a moment to share your work with us.

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March 24, 2023

The mid-career alum founded Delaware College Scholars, a free college prep program to support under-resourced high school and college students. The organization has a 100 percent high school graduation rate across all the state’s 19 districts.

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Four Penn GSE students wearing Penn GSE sweatshirts in blue, gray, or white walk down a path on the Penn campus. They are smiling and laughing.
December 16, 2022

Show your school pride with T-shirts, sweatshirts, phone cases, and other Penn GSE merchandise. 

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Professor Sigal Ben-Porath seated on stage during a recent panel discussion about free speech issues. She's holding a microphone and gesturing with her hand as she answers a question from the audience.
December 13, 2022

Professors Sigal Ben-Porath and Andrea M. Kane discussed current challenges to free speech in K–12 and higher education with Dean Pam Grossman in front of alumni and friends. The challenges aren’t new, but they’re being amplified by increased polarization in our society.

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Raghu Krishnamoorthy head shot
November 18, 2022

Raghu Krishnamoorthy, Ed.D., was named director of the Graduate School of Education’s Penn Chief Learning Officer (CLO) doctoral program in June 2022. He graduated the month before from the same CLO training program.

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September 21, 2022

Two Penn GSE students share their enriching experiences as interns in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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September 13, 2022

La India Santos runs a social media profile called Flying Phirst Klass, which encourages young people to travel to less popular destinations and connect with local cultures.

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September 8, 2022

Pushups. Pullups. Sprints. Rows. Thirty students and alumni went to America’s preeminent military academy to catch up with their classmates. Along the way, they tried to catch their breath.

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The cover of the Spring 2022 issue of The Penn GSE Magazine. A disc with four images of educators and students has the title “Fueling Educational Leadership Across The Lifespan” in the center. Other headlines read “Alumni Shaping the Workforce,” “Asking Questions and Building Bridges,” and “Professional Growth through Collaboration.”
July 7, 2022

The Spring 2022 issue of The Penn GSE Magazine spotlights leadership from preK–12 through the workforce, master’s students expanding opportunities for learners, Penn GSE’s building expansion, and more. 

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Digitally illustrated human figures in different bright colors in stand on a newspaper page titled “JOBS” that contains various job listings.
May 13, 2022

Four Penn GSE alumni representing varied sectors of education share innovative ways they are helping prepare the workers of the future.

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